• Degreaser Water Based 200L

    Degreaser Water Based 200L

    Product Details

    AC-43 is a highly concentrated formula of emulsifiers, wetting agents and surfactants for the removal of oil and dirt from all material types. It is fully bio degradable and quick breaking. AC-43 has a high flash point making it suitable for parts washers and in areas where flammable liquids cannot be used.

    The benefits of AC-43 are that it will not damage rubber, plastic, automotive paintwork or metals when used as recommended. Additionally, it inhibits ferrous metal corrosion.

    AC-43 contains no harsh chemicals such as petroleum solvents, kerosene, aromatics, phenols and chlorinated hydrocarbon or other chlorinated solvents.

    Directions of use

    1. Spray on or brush. Apply liberally to surfaces to be cleaned. Allow to stand for 5 min then rinse.
    2. Tank Application. Soak for at least 15 minutes. Then remove, drain and rinse off with water.
    Mild steel tank construction acceptable.
    3. Parts washer. Set up as per manufacturer’s instructions.
    4. Concrete cleaning. Apply to concrete and allow 2/3 minutes to soak in. Scrub with yard broom and then
    rinse off with water.

    Recommended dilutions

    Heavy soils - Use undilute
    Light soils Dilute 1:10
    Medium soils Dilute 1:4
    Pressure washers Dilute 1:100

    IMPORTANT: In the presence of unprotected magnesium, magnesium alloys or polished aluminium it is recommended to wet the surfaces with water prior to applying the diluted mix of water and AC-43. Reduce both contact time and concentration of AC-43 for this application.

    Downloadable Material

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