• Windscreen Cleaner 20L

    Windscreen Cleaner 20L

    Product Details

    AC46 is a concentrated glass cleaner that has been formulated for addition to vehicle windscreen cleaner reservoirs. The unique blend of surfactants will quickly and effectively remove grease, dirt and bugs from windscreens. AC46 is also ideal as a glass cleaner when diluted with good quality or demineralised water.
    AC46 contains evaporative chemicals to enable quick drying and eliminate streaking. It is dyed brilliant blue with a high quality and fully UV / pH stable dye. It will not damage paintwork and is economical and safe to use.

    Directions of use

    1. AC46 can be either pre-diluted or added directly to the windscreen washer reservoir.
    2. The ideal ratio is to mix up 1 litre using 50mL of AC46 and 950mL of demineralised or high quality water.
    3. A more concentrated dilution can be added to a spray bottle for use as a general purpose glass cleaner.

    Downloadable Material

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